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Well done. Should be interesting.

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Whoa! I like it. Will it have difficulty levels? I think it should. But even

if it doesn't, at least something to keep making it harder to keep coming 
back for more, you know, kind of like most old Atari games do. They just 
keep getting harder and harder until you die.

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Hi Diwakar,

Hey, congratulations on winning the Super Bowl.

So, did you play as the Pitsburgh Steelers or the Green Bay Packers?  Only 
about a week until they play in the Super Bowl.

I am working on a game I will call Awesome Homer.  In the game Marge has 
been kidnapped by Gonk the ape.  You as Homer must rescue her.  The first 
level is similar to Donkey Kong.  I have finished creating level 1 and two 
and am close to finishing level 3.  I am planning on something like 7 
levels, all totally different.



PCs are OK except when you use them as bowling balls.

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