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  • Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 12:14:30 +0100


I'll take Stansted, I rather like it and know the SID's and STAR's off by heart which helps.

I'm not sure what people think of this suggestion but I think the newbies might prefer it if we had just airports open, and no blanket center over the top?
Gives them time to receive some instruction and gather their thoughts en route without having to worry about ATC from block to block?

What do we think? concentrate on getting more airports open to give a variety and leave the centers? or is that a crap idea!


franklyn fisher wrote:
The concensus seems to be to open the major airports.

Ok by me.

Phil wants to take Birmingham EGBB.

I will take Heathrow EGLL

Perhaps John would like to open Manchester EGCC or even Stansted EGSS to give us a triangle.

I would not mind making it our default airfields, so as to get to know them.

It does depend on traffic, on whether we will need a Center Controller, but that can be sorted on the night

If  Bones would like to look in or pop in and help or even give us some sort of instruction  or advise, I would be grateful.

Lets go for it, and see what happens.

Frank F

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