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  • Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 11:11:33 +0100


I wouldn't leave you lads in the lurch without a formal booking procedure would I!?

The forum will probably have to act as a booking system too. Two things we lost when FPI closed was the booking system and the pilot/controller hours/ranks records - neither of which I am convinced we will see again. The bookings were handy because they showed that controllers were planning to man positions for a session which, in turn, attracts pilots to take part.
It may therefore be worth including in a thread announcing a weekly session a list of the controller positions required for the evening as well as the airports for the night. Controllers can then post a reply to say which position they volunteer for. It's messier than the booking system but it would at least show what pilots could expect on the night in terms of controller coverage.

The FPI-Book was a highly under-used but incredibly useful system. I'm not competent enough  to replicate it but until then I'd like to offer a more basic, but formalised and centrally located, system.

UK Airspace System Calendar

I am looking into how much I can customise it to fit our needs.

The only thing I'm still wrestling with is the URL -  now Pilot Club is - supposedly - live I probably really shouldn't still be using "FPI-UKI" but for the moment I really can't afford to have this changed as I am unemployed.


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