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I was hoping to join in but I was busy with other work until the last minute
and then I caught all the posts about the new software and the radio
problems. When I eventually tried to get onto the PilotClub site to grab the
new version the link was down.
To be honest I can't see us settling down with Pilot Club until they are
officially operational. Until then we can still fly around on Wednesday
nights but properly organised sessions will have to wait until the whole
system is bolted down. By that I mean pilot and controller software in sound
operational condition and an open forum so that we can get back to properly
notified sessions to attract other Pilot Club flyers. 
The forum will probably have to act as a booking system too. Two things we
lost when FPI closed was the booking system and the pilot/controller
hours/ranks records - neither of which I am convinced we will see again. The
bookings were handy because they showed that controllers were planning to
man positions for a session which, in turn, attracts pilots to take part. 
It may therefore be worth including in a thread announcing a weekly session
a list of the controller positions required for the evening as well as the
airports for the night. Controllers can then post a reply to say which
position they volunteer for. It's messier than the booking system but it
would at least show what pilots could expect on the night in terms of
controller coverage.
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Wonder if the number of controllers and flyers will pick up soon??

Saw there were problems so I didn't get involved, will join you on Friday if
things get resolved.
Frank T.

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