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  • Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 12:18:09 -0000

Yesterday was a treat for me because a USB extender and 15m of Cat 5 cable
arrived. I was hoping this would free up the SBS unit and aerial from it's
position in my SE window and allow it to be positioned so that I could see a
greater spectrum of traffic.

After plugging it into the Kinetic SBS I was able to take the box and aerial
for walkies. Moving the aerial to a NW window gave me all the Irish and
Scottish traffic I've so far missed out on but at the expense of losing all
aircraft to the SE. Moving the aerial to the loft was the next step and it
initially gave horrible results so I suspected my roof tiles were shielded.
I stuck with it though and finally found a sweet spot that gave really good

I don't see traffic down to London any more but anything within 160nm seems
to be good. Here's what I see now..

In fact I'm picking up aircraft over Prestwick and even Sligo now. A few
aircraft between Dublin and Shannon have also popped up. Interestingly I'm
still not seeing anything east of the Pennines - Carlisle seems to be the
limit. I've lost the London traffic but that's worth the sacrifice. I'm
looking forward to seeing the Atlantic rush this evening..


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