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It could be a port issue. Looking at my list I have ports 3011, 3012 and
6872 (or something like that) opened - the last being for Pro Controller.

As our last sessions were in Feb 2004 I can't recall which sim we used.
Logic suggests FS2002 so maybe FSD has problems with later versions. OTOH
FSD doesn't talk directly to the sim but to an interface - in the pilot's
case it is FSHost and for controllers it is Pro Controller.

I can get PC to connect to FSD but that is just internally via If
other controllers can get PC to connect then the issue is with FSHost. If no
controllers can connect then it's a firewall issue here.

If FSHost is flaky then we may have to drop this idea - a pity as it leaves
the only alternative ATC systems to IVAO and VATSIM.


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Having uninstalled and re-installed FSInn on my FS machine only (will
try remote/LAN configuration again tomorrow), still no joy trying to
connect to your FSD server.  Vatsim is OK though.

I'm not happy with FSInn's apparent flakiness - at least on my setup.
As posted in another thread, I had it working OK last night, both on FS
PC only and remotely with my laptop over the LAN.  When I tried it again
earlier this evening, neither would work.  I thought of just ditching
it, like Gerry and Tom, but decided to persist at least over the weekend.

Mike L

bones wrote:
> I've started the FSD server again but we have guests again tonight so
> I won't be monitoring it.
> IP Address is
> I've not played with the firewall yet so you may still get connection
> problems. If you do get in the weather loaded is yesterday's UK METAR
> data at tea time.
> bones
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> please send me my password and id I have them some where but for the
> life of
> me I cant think where
> Tom

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