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  • Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 00:14:59 -0000

Awfully annoying this was. When I tried to log in the ATC software failed
and I had to run the setup again to get it to work. When I saw Dave and John
trying to connect I had no way of telling them what to do to get onto the
system. We wasted a good 90min with this fun and lost a heck of a lot of
pilots - at least six.
ATC seemed to automatically drop into the EU1 channel but pilots were being
pushed onto EU2. The result (in ServInfo) was duplicate channel names
everywhere with no-one able to talk to each other. Having looked at the new
setup it seems to be that FPI are creating a USA voice network and a
European network but it obviously isn't working as intended.
I'm really annoyed about this aas it would have been a super evening if
everyone had been able to get on line. We had a new controller (Lukas) at
Stockholm and he's keen to join in our regular events. It wasn't a very good
start for him!
My apologies to everyone for the chaos. I know some of you tried to call me
from Stockholm and Gotenburg but I just ran out of time to call you back. It
was the usual problem in trying to look after aircraft already on frequency
whilst engaged in many text conversations with controllers and pilots. By
the time I had remembered who had been trying to get through to me a few of
you had decided to give up - and I don't blame you.
I've fired a message off to FPI and if I don't turn up next time it means
I'll have been banned <g>..
Dave is having a week off from assignments so next Wednesday is going to be
a non event. John and Steve may turn up anyway so if you fancy a flight just
mention it here - I'm sure someone might jump in. The next official event
will be the 4th Jan and Dave is thinking of posting a full months set of
events rather than week by week.

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Hi Bones,
I've spotted on Servinfo that people using EU.VOICE.FPI-NET.NET get routed
(and physically connected) to either EU-1.VOICE.FPI-NET.NET or
It seems that whoever is on one cannot hear the other (effectively 2
channels were being created called ESSA_CTR, one on each server).
I was being pushed onto EU-2..... but you had connected to EU-1.....
The only way I could connect to you was to manually type the EU-1.....
address in the connectionbox and connect manually.
Looks like an upgrade by the FPI guys went a little awry, perhaps some
testing might have proved fruitful!!

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FPI have changed their Voice server. You may have to run the Voice setup and
pick  EU.VOICE.FPI-NET.NET  as the new server.

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Hi John,
Am on air but getting nowhere --- fast !!!
What is going on ?

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