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  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 21:48:36 +0100

Thanks Tom - that clears up a few questions I had for you on the night
but never had a chance to ask you about.

The coms problem may be cured if we all stick to one FPI server. At
least I hope it will but only a live session will confirm this. The
rogue aircraft in front of you is, I guess, the scenery issue again.

This is going to be a tricky one because I don't really want to impose
any rule about using the default FS scenery. OK, there are some good
arguments for this in that it fits the ATOC maps, it will ease up frame
rates a lot (especially with a lot of FPI aircraft around) and it will
make parallel landings safer for places like Manchester, Heathrow and
Gatwick. However, even if we do stick to the default airfields I am not
so sure the runways in FS2002 and FS2004 are synchronised and we may end
up with the same issue.

One to ponder over for the future methinks..


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> Last night was a bit of a puzzle for me.I had flown most of 
> the after noon using atoc with no problems at all .I had 
> talked to controllers and been handed over with ok. for last 
> nights session .I left Brussels and was handed over to eham 
> control one problem he inturn handed me over to John again no 
> problem each time it was confirmed which atis to us in the 
> text box and I clicked on the atis to change. my problem 
> started when I heard Gerry saying he could not connect with 
> Manchester tower.I should have kept out of it but suggested 
> he tried switching the server on and off my big mouth.when I 
> was handed over I found that i could not connect.I tried a 
> manual in put but it didn't work .but I cant be sure, as 
> twice I saw that I had switched in the vox window .after 
> repeated try's atoc had had enough and shut down not before 
> just as I was about to land an aircraft appeared across the 
> runway and I had to take to the grass. I was using airport 2000 Tom

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