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Yes, it is the last resort, but unless you have the manual, which tells you how to get into the router(which I understand is not the same for all), you are basically left with calling the man who can, I for one resent doing that.
I keep forgetting that with my 4 single user machines, but connected to my router, my setup is very simple.
In anycase, I have all my settings in hard copy, along with how to get in.
Bye the Bye, my Firefox remembers all my passwords, trouble is, I must write them done in case Firefox loses them.
And if you are using Mozilla products, make sure you have Mozbackup handy, to save those settings.

Paul Reynolds wrote:

Whoa there!  Not so quick!  Hitting the reset may mean losing all the
settings in an otherwise functional network.  This is no problem if you're
au fait with setting one up but when you need to call the man that can it's
a different kettle of fish.

The instructions I sent to Gerry are step by step in doing the specific task
he wants to accomplish.  The block being accessing the settings.  His user
manual should suggest an alternative which is why I've sent it direct as
well as a link to the original source but contacting the man that set up the
network should suffice to allow him to make the changes necessary.


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The alternate. is to press the reset button, and start again. Frank

Alex - Reheat.org wrote:

I believe that "Admin" "Admin" is normally the accepted defaults these
days. Have you tried those?


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