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If I remember rightly there used to be about 44 pages of SID/STAR charts =
De Gaulle alone in the Aerads.. Some were real pigs to fly too - the =
STAR was a series of intercepting VOR radials needing very quick tuning =
dialling in radials.


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I've been attempting the weekly job of downloading and printing the =
needed for=20
the evening's FPI session. Of the three fields, I already have printouts =
Heathrow and=20
The availabillity of charts for CDG is, how can I put it, French! =
Instead of
having individual Sid and Star charts, they are all buried in a 65 page=20
document, together with pages on legislation, noise abatement, truffle
hunting, etc.  Yahoo searches have failed to come up with anything less
Byzantine. The whole area=20
seems to be a much more efficient defence structure trhan was the =
line; but=20
then so was our clothes line.

Has anyone found a decent plot for breaking into and out of CDG?

Gerry Winskill

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