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In each FSX aircraft.cfg file there's a new parameter called Camera 
Definition. I assume this may have something to do with what you are seeing 
and why imported aircraft have different views. I am sure there were several 
Camera Definition sections for each aircraft and that they were for both 
outside and interior views.

Did you try the Tiger Moth at all and did this disappear?


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Whilst looking around Glasgow Extreme, last night, there were three 
occasions when FSX simply disappeared. Not the usual route, accompanied by 
phone home mesages etc, simply a "now you see, it now you don't" experience. 
On both occasions I was in Tower view when it happened. At first I suspected 
that the claimed FSX compatibillity of the scenery might be slightly 
overopimistic. Now I suspect it has more to do with the aircraft.

On both occasions I was using aircraft imported from FS9. One was the 
Aerodesigns A320, the other the EMB170. I'd previously noticed that changing 
to spot view has different results, from those with the Default FSX a/c. 
With the Defaults, cycling with the S key takes me through Tower, Spot 
Plane, some unidentified view which is possibly to allow a check on gear and 
flaps, then a return to Panel view. When an FS9 a/c is used there seem to be 
just two views available. I'm beginning to suspect that this may be the 
cause of the disappearing FSX.

Any ideas in the usual unmarked brown envelope.

Meanwhile, if I run FS9 a/c I'm avoiding the outside views. I'm also using 
them with FSX Default panels, until I've constructed versions that exclude 
gauges that FSX doesn't send warnings about.

Early days yet.

Gerry Winskill

NOCC, http://nocc.sourceforge.net

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