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With current technology, I would advise you to go for a Intel Pentium Duel
Core machine rather than AMD, 1 or 2Gb of memory, as big a hard Drive as you
can get, as high end graphics card as you can manage but avoiding SLI as FSX
does not and, from what I've read so far, will not support it. SLI is a
technology allowing two identical graphics cards to run linked together to
share the work load and produce even better graphics output.  If you can
afford it, wait until the new range of DX10 graphics cards are released,
they would be best suited for FSX as it has been designed DX10 in mind.
Also, bear in mind the new Vista operating system is due for release, if you
are thinking about a new machine you may benefit significantly by holding
off until you can get one with vista bundled.

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Hi All
I am seriously thinking of buying a new computer,so that I can then run
FSX.I would like to know if it is possible to have 2 computers (connected by
switching), to my 2 monitors.Is this what a router does ? I have no idea !!!
My computer is pretty basic :-
AMD2800 processor  8 gig Hd  + 120 gig HD (external on USB) Nivea video card
Anybody got a good specification what I would need to run FSX ? Forget cost
at this stage.
I have already posted an email (by mistake !!) and Alex has replied already
-- thanks Alex.
You seem to be able to find FPS (I don't know how to do this !!!) I have no
idea how slow or fast mine runs !!
Over to all of you

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