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I hope the red carpet rolled out for you too.. As you rightly say the Falcon
50 has some classy additions.


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I suppose it's caused by having access to so many aircraft, that we tend
to take some for granted and let others drift into the background.

Mainly because of yesterday's Bones' repaint of the Falcon 2000, I
dragged out the Falcon 50; one of the first aircraft to come with
anything like decent systems. It was designed, if memory serves me
right, for FS2002 and it was after a relatively long gap that the FS9
version arrived. Having put it back into my aircraft folder I remembered
that our leader had spent considerable time and effort, producing a JHB
livery for it. And very nice it looks, too.

 Anyway, a flight from Belfast City to Jersey reminded me that, in
FS2002 form, even, it was one of the first aircraft I'd tried that
seemed to have any weight to the controls.

 Down on the ground at Jersey, having taxied to the gate to which I'd
been directed, I immediately went to Instant Replay, not to re live the
majesty of my approach but to enjoy the Spot Plane view of its arrival.
Back on the gate, and still in Spot Plane view, I was just heading for
the door open button, when a generator appeared, with a catering lift
truck just behind; both courtesy of Gary Summons. Within seconds of the
door opening the aircraft was surrounded by cones. A few seconds later
and the red engine covers were in place.

The GS addons, I'd paid for. The other touches were all part of the
freebie Falcon 50 package. It's amazing the time and trouble some of
these designers take, to give us so much, for now't.

Must go, washing up calls. Tomorrow sees SWMBO flying to Glasgow, for a
couple of days with number 1 daughter. The perfect excuse to do another
Falcon 50 flight, from Jersey to Glasgow Extreme. If I can get away with it.

Gerry Winskill

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