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I too have only the Saitek software loaded, but not the SST software, the only issue I have is that pulling down the second mixture control below the indent cycles the views, something I can live with, but should get around to sorting. Sorting the reversed pedals was easy.

Otherwise I have no complaints about the twin quadrants/yoke/pedals.

Frank F
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I suspect the issue about the drivers is a misconception.

While the units will recognise without them they do not function properly,
predictable behaviour since Windows tries to be helpful (for a change)
recognises the hardware class and assign standard drivers.  As they are
recognised as joysticks any axes or buttons should function but the clock,
not being standard on a joystick, isn't recognised so no driver is loaded
for it.  Running the Saitek drivers restores it's functionality.

So what's the misconception?  I think this relates to the additional SST
profiling software which is definitely not needed. I suspect some end users
are confusing this with the drivers.

As for the random views issue, this relates to default button allocations.
I found this to be a right PITA until I realised what was going on.

I bought my Saitek equipment in two bites. The yoke first then a few weeks
later the pedals and second throttle quadrant.

Intitial set-up of the yoke was straight forward and once I'd cleared all
the default assignments set up my own preferences as per instructions
everything ran fine.

Things got complicated when I added in the pedals and second quadrant
though.  This threw everything into chaos.  It took me a quite while to
realise the axes on the pedals were reversed, once I did though that was
easily remedied. The random views issue took a little more to resolve
though.  Eventually I realised that when I had added the new units the
unallocated buttons on the yoke had been re-set. In addition to that, ghost
settings for each were showing up on each unit. e.g. The pedals, which has
no buttons, had a number of allocations showing up.  The solution was
simple, go through each unit and remove all allocations (both buttons and
axes) then go back through allocating them as desired.


1. Install the drivers but not the SST software.

Within Flight Simulator:

2. Clear all axes assignments for each unit
3. Assign axes for each unit as required
4. Clear all button assignments of each unit
5. Assign each units buttons as required

NOTE: I found trying to clear and reassign one unit at a time before moving
on to the next still caused problems.  It's only when I cleared them all
then went back through allocating each unit did I resolve things.


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I get this occasionally, but not regularly, and have lived with it.
However, the clock on my yoke did not work on this new PC running FSX,
nor does it on my No. 2 (FS9) PC. On my old PC, now sold, the clock
worked. This was irritating me today, so I chose to install the drivers
from the Saitek disk - not necessary, people have said, and indeed it did
seem not to be necessary, as i have had the Saitek yoke since the first
week it came out and it has mostly worked almost faultlessly. Now the
clock works!  It will be interesting to see if the spontaneous view
switch still happens.


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I would be interested to know what sort of conflict you have had
between the Saitek yoke and GF modules.  Since moving to my Saitek
yoke a few months ago, I find that FS (both FS9 and FSX)
spontaneously cycles through the various views (VC, spot, tower,
etc) as if I had pressed the 'S' key or the corresponding yoke
button - but there has been no input from me.  This never used to
happen with my old Sidewinder joystick, so I wonder if this problem
is in any way an example of the conflict that you mention.  If so,
what is the solution?

Mike L

Peter Dodds wrote:
> Installed and working very well after initial conflict with
> GoFlight
> units.  Both of these systems write to a file called EXE.xml, and
> when
> they are both installed, they ay not write the file correctly.
> If you
> have a problem, let me know.
> Peter


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