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I already have the Saitek drivers installed, but not their addon proprietary 
software.  I will certainly have a look at clearing and resetting all axis and 
button assignments, although I am not convinced that these are the cause of the 
problem - I know that none of the buttons apart from the one which I have set 
activates "Cycle View", and the view is cycling by itself without any button 
being pressed.  I have wondered about iffy USB ports: I have checked these out 
and am as certain as I can be that they are not the cause.  I have also asked 
myself whether the wireless mini-keyboard which sits on top of the yoke might 
be transmitting radio pulses which cause interference resulting in a ghost 
button press.  The ghost button presses are quite random - sometimes a long 
interval between them (occasionally a whole one hour flight with no untoward 
effects); other times every few seconds.

No such problem with X-Plane - but by default it has *no* axes or buttons 
allocated .... so perhaps this points to the need to try clearing and resetting 
in FS.

One final observation - I gather that you (and Peter) have the Saitek pedals as 
well, which I don't (I have the CH ones) - not sure if this complicates r 
simplifies the situation.

Mike L

> From: "Paul Reynolds" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: 2008/11/18 Tue AM 07:47:12 GMT
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> Subject: [jhb_airlines] Re: Yoke
> Peter,
> I suspect the issue about the drivers is a misconception.  
> While the units will recognise without them they do not function properly,
> predictable behaviour since Windows tries to be helpful (for a change)
> recognises the hardware class and assign standard drivers.  As they are
> recognised as joysticks any axes or buttons should function but the clock,
> not being standard on a joystick, isn't recognised so no driver is loaded
> for it.  Running the Saitek drivers restores it's functionality.
> So what's the misconception?  I think this relates to the additional SST
> profiling software which is definitely not needed.  I suspect some end users
> are confusing this with the drivers.
> As for the random views issue, this relates to default button allocations.
> I found this to be a right PITA until I realised what was going on.
> I bought my Saitek equipment in two bites.  The yoke first then a few weeks
> later the pedals and second throttle quadrant.
> Intitial set-up of the yoke was straight forward and once I'd cleared all
> the default assignments set up my own preferences as per instructions
> everything ran fine.
> Things got complicated when I added in the pedals and second quadrant
> though.  This threw everything into chaos.  It took me a quite while to
> realise the axes on the pedals were reversed, once I did though that was
> easily remedied. The random views issue took a little more to resolve
> though.  Eventually I realised that when I had added the new units the
> unallocated buttons on the yoke had been re-set.  In addition to that, ghost
> settings for each were showing up on each unit. e.g. The pedals, which has
> no buttons, had a number of allocations showing up.  The solution was
> simple, go through each unit and remove all allocations (both buttons and
> axes) then go back through allocating them as desired.
> Conclusion:
> 1. Install the drivers but not the SST software.
> Within Flight Simulator:
> 2. Clear all axes assignments for each unit
> 3. Assign axes for each unit as required
> 4. Clear all button assignments of each unit
> 5. Assign each units buttons as required
> NOTE: I found trying to clear and reassign one unit at a time before moving
> on to the next still caused problems.  It's only when I cleared them all
> then went back through allocating each unit did I resolve things.
> Paul
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> I get this occasionally, but not regularly, and have lived with it.
> However, the clock on my yoke did not work on this new PC running FSX,
> nor does it on my No. 2 (FS9) PC. On my old PC, now sold, the clock
> worked. This was irritating me today, so I chose to install the drivers
> from the Saitek disk - not necessary, people have said, and indeed it did
> seem not to be necessary, as i have had the Saitek yoke since the first
> week it came out and it has mostly worked almost faultlessly. Now the
> clock works!  It will be interesting to see if the spontaneous view
> switch still happens. 
> Peter
> > *From:* Mike Lucas <mhlucas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> > *Date:* Mon, 17 Nov 2008 11:48:44 +0000
> > 
> > Peter
> > 
> > I would be interested to know what sort of conflict you have had 
> > between the Saitek yoke and GF modules.  Since moving to my Saitek 
> > yoke a few months ago, I find that FS (both FS9 and FSX) 
> > spontaneously cycles through the various views (VC, spot, tower, 
> > etc) as if I had pressed the 'S' key or the corresponding yoke 
> > button - but there has been no input from me.  This never used to 
> > happen with my old Sidewinder joystick, so I wonder if this problem 
> > is in any way an example of the conflict that you mention.  If so, 
> > what is the solution?
> > 
> > Mike L
> > 
> > Peter Dodds wrote:
> > > Installed and working very well after initial conflict with 
> > > GoFlight
> > > units.  Both of these systems write to a file called EXE.xml, and 
> > > when
> > > they are both installed, they ay not write the file correctly.  
> > > If you
> > > have a problem, let me know.
> > > 
> > > Peter
> > > 
> > > 
> > 
> > 

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