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Hi Mike,

Delighted. It's worth doing a search for scenery for each field. I've found a couple for FSX and some of the FS9 designs seem to be OK with FSX SP1.


Mike Nicholls wrote:
Hi Gerry
This looks great I fly with another VA ( as Tour Manager ), who have pilots who like to travel the globe, looking for new routes to fly Do you have any objection to me passing this on, clearly all credit as to you as author would be fully recognised and acknowledged etc Regards Mike 214

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*Subject:* [jhb_airlines] Yet Another Series.

With winter weather cramping VFR, I'm already doing one IFR self assignment, from UK to Continental Europe, per week. That can be two if a return flight is made.

I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of some of the FSX Default destinations but always look to see if a third party version is available.

That, in turn, spurred me to fly to North America, to take in some of the scenery there, as time permits. So far I hadn't planned anywhere beyond Toronto. Tom is also using the designated destinations.

This morning I decided to expand my list of destinations so, just in case anyone else wishes to try his hand, here's my current list. Since it's more of a Tramp Steamer itinary than a scheduled or charter exercise, I'm flying a bizjet, to make it feasible.

The full "adventure" is

London City
Goose Bay
Toronto City Centre
Edmonton City Centre
Vancouver Victoria Int
Bremerton, Washington State
Portland, Oregon
San Francisco Int
Los Angeles
San Diego
Acapulco, Mexico
Las Vegas
Dallas Fort Worth, Texas
Houston Int
New Orleans Lake Front
Montgomery Regional, Alabama
Fort Lauderdale Int, Florida
Greensboro, Greene County Reg, Georgia
Myrtle Beach, S Carolina
Norfolk, Virginia
Newark, New Jersey
Martha's Vineyard

I've no idea how long it will take. Sector lengths vary between about 60 miles and 1300.

Off to turn myself in, for exceeding my carbon footprint!

Gerry Winskill

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