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One question for you Mike. Have you run X Plane under Windows as well as
Linux? If so is there any notable difference in the sim across OS's?


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Try http://www.x-plane.com/xworld.html and http://www.x-plane.org/ (the
'Community' tab) for links to various X-Plane resources and communities.

Cost of Linux + X-Plane would be a whole lot less than a new PC +
Vista/FSX and shouldn't cause the bank manager any sweats.  Most Linux
distros are available FoC.  Bones has just beaten me to the draw with
the bargain cost of X-Plane.  And to answer his question about upgrading
- this is free within a given version, i.e. 8.xx to 8.yy.  More outlay
only when a new version 9 comes along.

Mike L

franklyn fisher wrote:
> Mike
> I wondered if there was an online community, the same as FS, for MP
> flying etc.
> Suggestion for dual booting has been in the pipeline for some time,
> think I need to ramp up the size of my C drive first (40gb). Or use the
> 120gb SATA D drive.
> Have got some installation and live CD's of distro's, and am trying
> them
> out on a spare Duron 750, I have laying around.
> Quandry
> Do I go the Vista/FSX + new machine route, keep current machine and
> FS9,
> keep current machine and convert to Linux+XPlane, Uurh!!
> decisions decisions
> Either way, my bank manager is going to do her nut.
> Frank F

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