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  • From: Mike Lucas <mhlucas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 16:40:44 +0100


I use X-Plane with Linux - in fact I was involved in beta testing the X-Plane release of the UK VFR photographic scenery to ensure compatibility with Linux (which it now is, but originally was not). You may be interested to note that there is currently (until end August) a half-price offer on the VFR scenery at www.horizonsimulation.com (£10 instead of £19.99 for each of the three areas). Also worth a visit is www.circle-software.co.uk, where Chris Ellis is the developer of the VFR scenery for X-Plane.

Another interesting X-Plane development is a program called FSImp (see http://fsimp.de/), which allows MSFS addon scenery to be used with X-Plane (but only the Windows version at the moment unfortunately). I haven't tried FSImp myself though.

My current solution to dumping Micro$oft is to dual-boot and use Linux for everything except FS and a VPN to the office. I use M$FS more than X-Plane at the moment because of the much larger user/developer base which provides a much larger range of third-party addons. However X-Plane development is coming on apace, and I believe there is a VATSIM (or maybe it's a IVAO) client for online ATC, although I haven't investigated this ... yet.

Mike L

franklyn fisher wrote:
A remark by Bones, sent me wandering around the internet last night.
Found, and spent 40 minutes downloading the 700+mb of XPlane Demo.
Spent 5 minutes loading it, then another 5 minutes looking for the orange button to release the brakes (it was colored black).

After takeoff, the default 747 behaved like a drunken pig, but then the sim was not configured to my controls, and being time limited, I had trouble finding the wing leveler button.

Scenerywise, the graphics and eyecandy seemed as good as the best FlightSim offers.

Looking on the site, I noted that XPlane comes in three flavours, Macintosh/Windows/Linux.

I just wondered if any of you that use Linux, have tried that version.

I really would like to dump Microsoft, but am stuck on FlightSim.

Frank F

Ps See you all at EGGP tonite??

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