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The latest claim I've seen for Vista is that it will enable FSX to take advantage of dual cores and run faster. The FSX designers, however, say they haven't designed it to take advantage of dual core, because the number of interacting threads make it impossible. Looks as though the Vista people are being economical with the truth.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

I confess that I'll be looking at Vista with a very cynical eye. To some it
will be the perfect platform for MS to gain total control over the hardware
and software markets. I can see a whole raft of "untrustworthy" apps going
on their list because the companies can't afford the "Certified" or
"Verified" label from MS.


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Time you investigated Linux, Bones ...

Mike L

Bones wrote:
Every time I get the little yellow shield appear on this computer I
groan. XP updates are supposed to make life easy but when they get
things wrong it can be a pain. I had an update fail halfway through
it's cycle about six months ago and it resulted in very odd computer
happenings for a while. I kept getting messages saying that I needed
this upgrade but every time I tried it the same process would run and
then fail. It cured itself after a further update.

Today I got a new update and ran it. It installed six patches on the
PC, one of them being the Malicious Software Removal Tool. Nasty thing
this because as soon as I'd received it the program then tried to
remove (or fiddle with) my firewall software. The result is that the
two then started a battle as the firewall reported that something was
hacking into it and was trying to send a report on this - and at the
same time the MS software was trying to report malicious software on
the PC and was sending a report on that too..

No doubt Microsoft will only be happy when it has eventually erased
all non MS software (and most hardware) from everyone's machine. This
will come one step closer with Vista which will not allow any
uncertified drivers to be installed on your PC - so goodbye to any
video driver updates unless NVidia pay MS a pile of money to get
certified status.

Truth is that when you move over to Vista does everyone feel happy
with dumping their AV and firewall programs and letting MS take
control of security? I'm not..


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