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I confess that I'll be looking at Vista with a very cynical eye. To some it
will be the perfect platform for MS to gain total control over the hardware
and software markets. I can see a whole raft of "untrustworthy" apps going
on their list because the companies can't afford the "Certified" or
"Verified" label from MS.


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Time you investigated Linux, Bones ...

Mike L

Bones wrote:
> Every time I get the little yellow shield appear on this computer I
> groan. XP updates are supposed to make life easy but when they get
> things wrong it can be a pain. I had an update fail halfway through
> it's cycle about six months ago and it resulted in very odd computer
> happenings for a while. I kept getting messages saying that I needed
> this upgrade but every time I tried it the same process would run and
> then fail. It cured itself after a further update.
> Today I got a new update and ran it. It installed six patches on the
> PC, one of them being the Malicious Software Removal Tool. Nasty thing
> this because as soon as I'd received it the program then tried to
> remove (or fiddle with) my firewall software. The result is that the
> two then started a battle as the firewall reported that something was
> hacking into it and was trying to send a report on this - and at the
> same time the MS software was trying to report malicious software on
> the PC and was sending a report on that too..
> No doubt Microsoft will only be happy when it has eventually erased
> all non MS software (and most hardware) from everyone's machine. This
> will come one step closer with Vista which will not allow any
> uncertified drivers to be installed on your PC - so goodbye to any
> video driver updates unless NVidia pay MS a pile of money to get
> certified status.
> Truth is that when you move over to Vista does everyone feel happy
> with dumping their AV and firewall programs and letting MS take
> control of security? I'm not..
> bones
> bones@xxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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