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I've not used all the string variables - I'm tending to learn them as I go
!6.2f!  is used to display a readout like 123.45 with .2f denoting two
decimal places.
!02d! produces just a two integer digit like 23, ideal for DME time to
station. !03d! is better for G/S and Hdg
!s! must be specific to a text string.

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What's the difference between NAV1 Ident morse output and NAV1 station
display code? To me Ident means the former.

Sorry Bones, I'm not sure. The code I used displays e.g. NAV1 CPT when tuned
to 114.35 the Compton VOR. There is a variable called NAV1 CODE (or CODES),
I didn't experiment with that as I found NAV1 Ident was used in the 747 CAB
I'm guessing the !s! is some sort of format instruction, probably required
because the Ident variable type is not a simple string.
Frank T.

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