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Yep - got JVM for several other applications.
I'll look at it later as I'm just plugging into IVAO again. Got posh traffic
earlier with China Southern and Olympic although the former wasn't too
successful trying to get a B767 off at EGNS <vbg>.

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Sounds interesting but, for some reason, I can't get past the File.. Open
command. It doesn't do anything.

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Hi Guys, 

I think this might be useful to anyone who dabbles in XML, especially the
novices amongst us! 



Alex Barrett
Turbine Sound Studios
(+44) 0121 288 3195
http://www.turbinesoundstudios.com <http://www.turbinesoundstudios.com/>  

The readme says it needs you to a Java Virtual machine, whatever that is.
Frank T.

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