[jhb_airlines] Re: XML Debugging tool:

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  • Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 15:06:12 EDT

In a message dated 16/10/2007 10:19:58 GMT Daylight Time, gwinsk@xxxxxxx  


I think it should be easy to use the lines from Bones'  xml gauge for 
Weights, since that displays the two weights, to get to  percentage. 
Alternatively, just press Shift Z and that, in addition to the  other 
data, displays percentage fuel remaining, at the top of the  screen.

Gerry Winskill

Call me stupid but I'm trying to learn how to do it myself, without  
cribbing. You are probably right though!
I know I can get it on screen but doing a gauge is more of a challenge. I  
can display the capacity and the current fuel ok, its just annoying that the 
 for the percentage arithmetic is NBG!


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