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  • Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 15:53:51 +0100

There's a slight variation here. On my system the wireless keyboard and
mouse both function when the PC starts up - I can use the keyboard to get
into the BIOS settings. However, when Windows begins to load the keyboard is
disabled again until XP loads the drivers. It's odd being able to access
BIOS but not the Safe Mode options..


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Further to my reply a few moments ago.  Just checked the manual for my
own mobo and I see that there is in fact a BIOS setting to enable USB
keyboard and mouse support.  Now, is my friend's PC sufficiently modern
to have a similar facility ....?

Mike L

Alex Barrett wrote:
> Mike,
> How is it plugged in? I can use my Wireless keyboard but NOT the mouse
> to boot into safe mode using F8.
> The reason for this, I believe, is because the Keyboard is plugged
> into
> the PS2 port and the mouse element of the receiver into the USB port. Do
> you have a USB-PS2 converter you can try to see if that gives it the
> power it needs?
> Alex
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> Subject: [jhb_airlines] Wireless keyboard problem
>      > Someone (Bones?/Gerry?) posted late yesterday or earlier today
>     about a
>      > problem with a wireless keyboard not being active until the
>     operating
>      > system has actually loaded (I think the issue was how to F8 into
>     safe
>      > mode if the k/b doesn't work).
>      >
>      > Shortly after this post I received an e-mail from a friend who
>     has run
>      > up against a similar problem. Like me, he dual boots Win2K with
>     Linux,
>      > and the choice of which o/s to boot is made from a Grub
>     bootloader menu
>      > using keyboard up/down arrows and Enter key. A recently installed
>     USB
>      > wireless k/b means that he can no longer select his o/s because
>     the k/b
>      > is inactive until it boots!!
>      >
>      > Any other solution apart from reverting to wired k/b, or PS/2
>     wireless
>      > receiver?
>      >
>      > Mike L
>      >

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