[jhb_airlines] Re: Why is FPI/ATOC so bad?

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You seem to have had more of a rough time than most of us recently. I admit
I only tend to plug in once a week but that is usually for a solid 3.5 to 4
hours. I've had one or two hiccups but nothing so bad as to raise the
frustration levels too much. Yep - I did have one night a few weeks back
when I was being kicked off every hour or so but it hasn't been a recurring

If you are thinking of trying VATSIM then you will indeed have a lot more
traffic and controllers to contend with - but the level of simulation is
also much higher too. VATSIM stick to real world procedures so you really
have to know the airfield layouts, the SID's and STAR's (current ones too)
and have good cockpit management skills. Having said that it is a challenge
that some may relish as you know you will be mixing it with a lot of real
world airline pilots.

There is no doubt that some of you will outgrow FPI. It hasn't evolved as
much as your own skills - a pity as I had hoped it would have grown a lot
more since we first started using it - and I am sure this lack of
development will make some feel they are missing out on better things.
Before jumping in the deep end with VATSIM though I'd recommend extending
your experience outside the UK. If European controllers are online in FPI
then get some useful foreign experience under your belt. I know it can be
reassuring to speak to a familiar team in the UK but it's best to build up
experience. Europe in FPI (or even further) is a small step compared with
jumping in the deep end which is VATSIM.


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I am rapidly reaching the point of abandoning FPI/ATOC due to its frequent
unavailability and failures.  At about 1130 local this evening I was chucked
out of their servers with the following error message:

"Debug Assertion Failed!
Program: C:\program files\FlightProject\ATOC.exe
File: dumpout.cpp
Line: 52
For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the
Visual C++ documentation on asserts. (Press Retry to debug the application)"

What the **** was that all about???

I had spent a long time manually setting up my PMDG 747-400 FMC for an
overnighter tonight from EGLL to WSSS when FPI/ATOC went t*ts up.  What is
the name of all that is holy is going on with this service?  Has anyone any
info that could help restore my confidence?  Whilst I have never used VATSIM
or IVAO, it really does frustrate me to see all the pilots/controllers
available 24/7 on their servers whilst there are maybe have a dozen or so
folks worldwide on FPI or, more likely, the service is completely down or
otherwise unavailable in one way or another.

Am I alone...?


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