[jhb_airlines] Re: Who Won Anyway

  • From: "Peter Dodds" <pdodds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 19:19 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)

> One bomber coudn't find the target and had to return. In the 
> interest of a safe landing it dropped it's full bomb load, whilst 
> overhead Cleckheaton.
Just east of Chester near the village of Mouldsworth are some fields with
some very nice wildlife ponds in each one.  I used to walk the dog that
way sometimes. These ponds are not of any significance until you overfly
the area and can see that they are all in a straight line! They are the
craters of bombs dropped by a bomber who couldn't find Liverpool.  

Some miles further south west of the above, our road of 1930 houses has 4
together built in the 1950s.  Story goes that one such bomb was dropped
in the field opposite (there is a pond there) and shook the houses so
badly they had to be demolished.

Some miles further east the village of Beeston has a massive and
beautiful Cheshire Sandstone church.  All the windows on the north side
of the aisle are stained glass. The windows on the south side are plain
glass.  You guessed.

It seems to have been a common event round here! 


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