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On one of the seaborne trips we made, one of the speakers was a scriptwriter, for Morecambe & Wise et al (who you may not remember so readilly)>

I liked his throwaway about the German raid on Manchester, during the Blitz. One bomber coudn't find the target and had to return. In the interest of a safe landing it dropped it's full bomb load, whilst overhead Cleckheaton. It did massive damage, to a total value of fourteen and sixpence!

Gerry Winskill

Paul Reynolds wrote:
Oh no!  I know Hull has its problems but the last time there was a programme
to deliver free heavy materials to the Germans the ungrateful b's decided
they didn't want them so sent them back and this city got more than its fair
share of the returns.  I know re-cycling is all the rage but that's going
too far!
I can hear it now, "Vas is d'is Tynwald? Zhey go too far!" Said with an
American accent of course!

OTOH itching powder on their beach towels, far more fun.  Set up a hidden
camera and you can even sell them the resultant video.  A definite win-win
me thinks!


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My personal opinion is they've never forgiven us for winning!

Why else would a Tower controller chappie pop up at Stuttgart, just as I was turning onto the into wind rwy 07, with that one on his ATIS, then switch it to 25! The 2 knot tailwind wasn't significant but the bill for the extra fuel burn on the Citation would have been.

I'm beginning to show the early signs of virtual shellshock.

Next trip it will be in a Lancaster. That'll show 'em!

Gerry Winskill

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