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And the god news is........with the USB1.1 card in place......the Autopilok freezes even more quickly than before. And that's in FS9!

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

On top of which there are other frustrations.
Upgrading to the new generation of computers has a sting in the tail. Much faster and capable of exploring the potential of FSX, Vista and Directx X, even making FS9 perform the way it should do; that's the good news. The bad is that the Goflight Autopilot, one of the most useful of their modules, isn't realy compatible with the new mobo chipsets; unless you buy a new module! Left as it was before upgrading and precise setting of, eg, Altitude, is frustratingly slow. Instead of a turn of the knob producing a linear change of displayed value, the value speeds ahead of the kob, then falls back, and so on. After say thirty miutes of flying the values seize and knobs appear to have litle effect. They do, in fact, change the values but this can only be seen on the instument panel AP gauge. Worse, on the GF-LGT the flap and gear levers stop working. The workaround for this is said to be to connect the AP via a USB 1.1 board, it's said to be unhapy with USB2; a load of crap since it's been connected via USB2, on my system, for at least two years. Having at last got one of the obsolete boards, first experience isn't encouraging. Turning the knob doesn't now send the values rocketing and dropping. They're reluctant to change at all and seem to have a built in delay. I'l look to see if it still freezes, later. GF still haven't produced the promised patch, for their greatly delayed patch, to alow the kit to work with FSX. I'd be gnashing my teeth but bits now fall off if I do.
Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

Not sure about the Default Breighten, I didn't visit it until after I instaled the atempts at making UK2000 fields less incompatible.
It's one that, though rubish really, is probably useable.

It's strange to have this really tremendous VFR countryside but hardly any decent airfields. Amazing how standards have changed, from the early days. FS5 and the presence of any airfield buildings was a pleasant surprise. Visit Ronaldsway Default field and one feels affronted to be faced with it. I suppose it's the penalty for ditching a system that had probably reached the limits of its potential and turning to a clean shet of paper.
Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Strange choice.

"Breighton. Thor missile site until 1963. Operational using grass, although
a lot of the original runways and taxiways are extant but in poor

Has FSX got the above correct and drawn in the tatty runways?


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EG71 is Breighton, Selby.


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Running through the list of UK2000 fields so far covered by FSX flattens,
there were a couple I didn't recognise. EG30, I've now realised is

Where is EG71  ? ny offers.

Next and unrelated question. This wireless keyboard seems to have become lazy. If I type at normal speed, or enter a double letter, it often mises od characters. It's also possible to hit a key and spot the time it takes to
arive at the screen. I've changed the bateries but it hasn't solved the
problem. I'd use a wired keyboard but the PC is to far away and I'm already
in danger of platting myslf!

Gerry Winskill

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