[jhb_airlines] Re: Where Can I Go Next?

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We clearly share the same psychology! Tomorrow the men arrive to do PVC soffits, fascias etc. Last night the painter arrived, to ask for her choice of colour, for the subsequent Snowcem job. Last week a Greek in Onchan re covered my MX5 seats, in beautiful black and green leather. When SWMBO asked how much, the answer was "expensive but nothing like the cost of the house jobs". I'm told the Greek slipped up and told her, in passing, but now't's been said.
Incidentally, I really went for leather purely from neccessity; honest. I left it parked outside, all afternoon, on one of the recent very sunny days. When I went to put the top up it looked as though one headrest had been slashed. A closer look showed that the tweed effect Vinyl had melted, in a straight line. I'd guess the sun had tracked across the mirror, whose edge had focussed it on the headrest. We read of a narrow boat that burned out, last year, when the sun focussed on a bull's eye type of roof light, then onto a cushion, until it went up in flames. Naturally a change to leather was essential, to prevent it happening again.

BTW, we were in Castletown yesterday. I took her for a tour of your local Health Food shop. Brilliant. Some of the most mouth watering "healthy" chocolates etc I've seen for years. Your local wine merchant is one of the best on the Island; too.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Well, I'm just having a patio built for SWMBO so she can't complain. A
hundred quid for a sensor is a minor purchase compared to the few grand I'm
forking out for paving, garden walls and the like.

Always buy FS gear when a major house project is under way. The costs look
minimal in comparison.


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Bones I have been dreaming about owning one myself, but other financial considerations come first, (thats what SWEMBO keeps telling me!) Frank

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