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I agree that the author has been artistic with his illustrations - it would
have been better had he taken photographs of his displays showing the
individual monitors.

He's obviously got three separate screenshots and glued then together -
which raises an interesting question. If you have one of these Matrox Triple
Head gadgets and run three monitors from the one PC what happens when you
take a screenshot? Does it grab a shot from every monitor?


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Locating two more LCDs is almost as big a problenm as funding them! I have
the GF kit to the right of my two, vertical, central screens. I'd
have to relocate them....
I think the reviewer used a bit of artistic licence, with his screenshot
of the four screen layout. Somehow he managed to lose the physical
screen frames and just keep the content. They'd just have to be regarded
as cockpit screen pillars. When not using VC, if that's possible, and
with just the scenery in view, the frames would be a useful physical
means of displaying bank, I think...

Gerry Winskill

franklyn fisher wrote:

> Why can't life be simpler?
> Gerry
> With the Triple head, you will physically have a 1.5m*0.5m (or
> thereabouts) monitor, they claim that you will then see both the left
> and right seat view (or the full panel from left window to right
> window) but only if you have a full panel display, most of my aircraft
> are half panel displays.
> Frank

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