[jhb_airlines] Re: Where Can I Go Next?

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I'm sure there were Czech beers there as well as several other obscure ones.
I'll check with Harry and report back.


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It was the biltong that most surprised me. When we stopped in South
Africa, at the beginning of the year, I didn't see any. Mind you there
were very few places it was deemed safe to enter. Very sad.  Going back to
the wine merchant, I didn't venture in this trip but does
he stock Czech beers?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>Funnily enough I've just come back from the same shop - it's one of the
>few places over here that sells Biltong. Didn't forget SWMBO either so
>a nice box of said chocs also went in the bag. Harry has build up the
>wine shop nicely. Started off with a good selection of wines and beers
>but now brings in some more exotic items for the more adventurous
>types. As long as he keeps getting nice Barolo's and Appleton's XIV rum
>I'll be a happy man.
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>We clearly share the same psychology! Tomorrow the men arrive to do PVC
>soffits, fascias etc. Last night the painter arrived, to ask for her
>choice of colour, for the subsequent Snowcem job. Last week a Greek in
>Onchan re covered my MX5 seats, in beautiful black and green leather.
>When SWMBO asked how much, the answer was "expensive but nothing like
>the cost of the house jobs". I'm told the Greek slipped up and told
>her, in passing, but now't's been said. Incidentally, I really went for
>leather purely from neccessity; honest. I left it parked outside, all
>afternoon, on one of the recent very sunny days. When I went to put the
>top up it looked as though one headrest had been slashed. A closer look
>showed that the tweed effect Vinyl had melted, in a straight line. I'd
>guess the sun had tracked across the mirror, whose edge had focussed it
>on the headrest. We read of a narrow boat that burned out, last year,
>when the sun focussed on a bull's eye type of roof light, then onto a
>cushion, until it went up in flames. Naturally a change to leather was
>essential, to prevent it happening again.
>BTW, we were in Castletown yesterday. I took her for a tour of your
>local Health Food shop. Brilliant. Some of the most mouth watering
>"healthy" chocolates etc I've seen for years. Your local wine merchant
>is one of the best on the Island; too.
>Gerry Winskill
>Bones wrote:
>>Well, I'm just having a patio built for SWMBO so she can't complain. A
>>hundred quid for a sensor is a minor purchase compared to the few
>>grand I'm forking out for paving, garden walls and the like.
>>Always buy FS gear when a major house project is under way. The costs
>>look minimal in comparison.
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>>I have been dreaming about owning one myself, but other financial
>>considerations come first, (thats what SWEMBO keeps telling me!) Frank

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