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The nice thing about all the Myst games is that they don't seem to date.
They are just as beautiful and frustrating now as when they came out. Only
the original Myst is difficult to run now as it was limited to 640 x 400
screen size - but they have released an updated version of this to suit
modern PC's. In fact there is a RealMyst volume out somewhere which I think
is a complete overhaul of the game but I've not been able to find one.

At the moment I'd say that Uru is my favourite because of its fully fluid
exploratory abilities and some beautiful worlds.


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What killed Riven for us in the end was having the children - no 
time. :-))
We never even knew about any others after that!  Likewise, Riven 
and FS are the only computer games I've ever had any interest in.


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