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Riven wasn't liked by a lot of original Myst fans but I thought it was =
Puzzles were tricky and I had to resort to UHS to get through a couple.

I liked Exile even more because it was a well structured plot and =
good graphics. Full 360 rotation from any spot and some realistic
animations. The ages you had to explore were all very different too with
some really tricky puzzles.

Uru was a watershed in that it was a full 3D world. You no longer jump a
frame at a time but have complete movement everywhere. Uru is slightly =
in that it was originally designed to be a huge interactive online game =
that idea was dropped after it ran for several months. The original game =
good to play - still quite well structured and lots to explore but the
extended versions - the To D'ni pack (free to download) and the Path of =
Shell both lose their structure a bit. I was a bit lost on these until I
found the sole link in Uru that took you into the new ages. Despite this =
game was still a challenge and the D'ni cavern absolutely huge to =

Revelation is the last version to come out and is strange if you have
already played Uru as it goes back in time to when Yeesha is a =
youngster. It
also reverts to the system used in earlier versions of jumping to a =
and having a 360 degree view from this before moving to the next fixed =
I got used to this after a while but I missed the full freedom of Uru. =
always the worlds are superbly crafted and some are really beautiful. =
big change in Revelation is the introduction of a lot of wildlife =
- you are no longer alone. You have to interact with some to progress in =

Apart from FS the Myst games are the only PC games I have bought. They =
to fit my logical and somewhat devious mind.. I've tried a few demos of
others like Doom, Ages of Empire and Sim City but none have persuaded me =
buy the product. I obviously prefer adventure games to strategy despite
these being on the slide in the sales ratings.



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Not Riven!  My wife and I were completely hooked, but never got=20
to the end.  We did manage to decypher several of the devices,=20
and I can't remember where we got stuck now - I seem to remember=20
seeing the princess briefly in a castle or something at the end=20
of a long causeway, but memory dims... I loved the monorail rides=20
across the islands!


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