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Nope - XML gauges were present in FS2002 as well so it might work. The =
thing that may be a problem is that some of the values may not be =
present in
FS2002 - I haven't got a full list of the FS2002 variables.

If you give it a go then I'd be interested in the results. Just to check =
completely it would be worth overloading the aircraft to see if the
Overweight warning pops up.


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Am I right in thinking that this guage is for FS9 only - not FS2K2 -=20
since it is XML?


Bones wrote:

>I spent one day getting the data to work and a second day trying to=20
>sort =3D out the formatting. Reverse Polish Notation isn't my cup of =
>at all!
>Anyway the result can be seen at =3D=20
>Excuse the slow loading of the graphics but they are BMP files. The =3D =

>colours got completely washed out if I saved them as JPG's.
>The data is contained in the file called AC_weight.xml in the bones.cab =

>file. You can open this xml file in Notepad and see how each line=20
>works. =3D If you feel adventurous you can swap the values for any =
>FS variable =3D you
>like. The XMLGAU01.zip by Arne Bartels lists a lot of these but he =3D
>got them all. Just be careful with syntax as XML is very fussy. If you =
>it wrong all that will happen is that the panel and the icon won't show =
>up -
>so keep a note of what you change.
>Three times out of four you can copy the new cab to FS and just reload=20
>=3D the aircraft to see the changes. After a while though FS gets =
>about =3D the
>changes and either hangs or displays the original and you will have to
>restart it. I put the gauge on two aircraft and kept swapping between =
>with each rebuild but even this didn't last forever.
>To recompile the CAB you would need a utility like vcab101.zip. Just=20
>put =3D all the cab file in a separate folder and then tell Vcab to=20
>compile that =3D folder
>(not the individual files). Save as bones.cab again.
>Was this a JHB or MP thread originally? If the latter I'll repost to =
>that list..
> =20

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