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The benefit of designing the box as a gauge is as you show - you are =
free to
manipulate it as you like. Whether you use the icon to open and close =
panel or simply put the data gauge directly in the main panel is up to =

I used to enjoy fiddling with panels in FS98 because there was a prog =
could open any aircraft's panel bitmap and allow you to look at all the
gauges in your Gauge folder and swap them around. You could customise =
panel on your system - or build new ones from scratch. A pity nothing is
available for FS2004 like this - FSDS is too expensive for this sort of


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Many thanks; a great gauge.
I've tried it in the F100 and it picked up the correct data. When used =
the F100, it can=20
be dragged, then stretched, to fill the Engine Data display, when the =
is pressed. If=20
you save an aircraft, as I tend to do when I have moved popups around, =
it will=20
reload with the panel in the chosen position. In my case, I save as, eg,
AC...F100. I also=20
choose to save at a non VFRGM location, to speed the load proceedure.  =
the Undock Window option, to move a windowed panel to my lower, =
panel, monitor, can produce less than attractive results. The window is
accompanied by=20
the blue FS frame. At times it also may have a large black, unused, =
of .bmp. In=20
the case of your panel it's not a problem, since it can be used as a =
in its own=20
right. Simply add a line to the bottom of the 2D section of Panel.cfg,
similar to  =20
gauge69=3Dbones!AC-weight, 495,590,170,120, gauge number will have to =
on from=20
the last in the list and the first pair of values modified, to suit =
you wish it to=20
appear. For anyone who hasn't fiddled withe gauge placings, the first =
moves the=20
gauge right, if increased, the second down, if increased.  Another gauge
that neatly complements your new one, and which I often incorporate in=20
panels, is    CPT.RKG_Fuelstat!FuelStatusSq_turbine. I can't recall =
a/c it came=20
from but suspect I looked for something like it, on the two download =
Another, neatly complementing that one, is a small red button that, when
progressively tops up your fuel tanks. It's   REFILL!REFILL
 I used to feel guilty about adding to designers' panels but, in real =
it tends to=20
happen, if fancy takes and finance permits!

Gerry Winskill


On 21 Dec 2004 at 3:43, Bones wrote:

> I spent one day getting the data to work and a second day trying to=20
> sort =3D out the formatting. Reverse Polish Notation isn't my cup of =
> at all!
> Anyway the result can be seen at =3D=20
> http://www.homepages.mcb.net/bones/XML.htm
> Excuse the slow loading of the graphics but they are BMP files. The =
> colours got completely washed out if I saved them as JPG's.
> The data is contained in the file called AC_weight.xml in the=20
> bones.cab file. You can open this xml file in Notepad and see how each =

> line works. =3D If you feel adventurous you can swap the values for =
> other FS variable =3D you like. The XMLGAU01.zip by Arne Bartels lists =
> lot of these but he =3D hasn't got them all. Just be careful with =
> as XML is very fussy. If you =3D get it wrong all that will happen is=20
> that the panel and the icon won't show =3D up - so keep a note of what =

> you change.
> Three times out of four you can copy the new cab to FS and just reload =

> =3D the aircraft to see the changes. After a while though FS gets =
> about =3D the changes and either hangs or displays the original and =
> will have to restart it. I put the gauge on two aircraft and kept=20
> swapping between =3D them with each rebuild but even this didn't last=20
> forever.
> To recompile the CAB you would need a utility like vcab101.zip. Just=20
> put =3D all the cab file in a separate folder and then tell Vcab to=20
> compile that =3D folder (not the individual files). Save as bones.cab=20
> again.
> Was this a JHB or MP thread originally? If the latter I'll repost to =
> that list..
> HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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