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  • Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 10:54:20 -0000

Many thanks; a great gauge.
I've tried it in the F100 and it picked up the correct data. When used in the 
F100, it can 
be dragged, then stretched, to fill the Engine Data display, when the ikon is 
pressed. If 
you save an aircraft, as I tend to do when I have moved popups around, then it 
reload with the panel in the chosen position. In my case, I save as, eg, 
AC...F100. I also 
choose to save at a non VFRGM location, to speed the load proceedure.
 Using the Undock Window option, to move a windowed panel to my lower, 
panel, monitor, can produce less than attractive results. The window is 
accompanied by 
the blue FS frame. At times it also may have a large black, unused, section of 
.bmp. In 
the case of your panel it's not a problem, since it can be used as a gauge, in 
its own 
right. Simply add a line to the bottom of the 2D section of Panel.cfg, similar 
gauge69=bones!AC-weight, 495,590,170,120, gauge number will have to follow on 
the last in the list and the first pair of values modified, to suit where you 
wish it to 
appear. For anyone who hasn't fiddled withe gauge placings, the first value 
moves the 
gauge right, if increased, the second down, if increased.
 Another gauge that neatly complements your new one, and which I often 
incorporate in 
panels, is    CPT.RKG_Fuelstat!FuelStatusSq_turbine. I can't recall which a/c 
it came 
from but suspect I looked for something like it, on the two download sites.
Another, neatly complementing that one, is a small red button that, when 
progressively tops up your fuel tanks. It's   REFILL!REFILL
 I used to feel guilty about adding to designers' panels but, in real life, it 
tends to 
happen, if fancy takes and finance permits!

Gerry Winskill


On 21 Dec 2004 at 3:43, Bones wrote:

> I spent one day getting the data to work and a second day trying to
> sort = out the formatting. Reverse Polish Notation isn't my cup of tea
> at all!
> Anyway the result can be seen at =
> http://www.homepages.mcb.net/bones/XML.htm
> Excuse the slow loading of the graphics but they are BMP files. The =
> colours got completely washed out if I saved them as JPG's.
> The data is contained in the file called AC_weight.xml in the
> bones.cab file. You can open this xml file in Notepad and see how each
> line works. = If you feel adventurous you can swap the values for any
> other FS variable = you like. The XMLGAU01.zip by Arne Bartels lists a
> lot of these but he = hasn't got them all. Just be careful with syntax
> as XML is very fussy. If you = get it wrong all that will happen is
> that the panel and the icon won't show = up - so keep a note of what
> you change.
> Three times out of four you can copy the new cab to FS and just reload
> = the aircraft to see the changes. After a while though FS gets stuffy
> about = the changes and either hangs or displays the original and you
> will have to restart it. I put the gauge on two aircraft and kept
> swapping between = them with each rebuild but even this didn't last
> forever.
> To recompile the CAB you would need a utility like vcab101.zip. Just
> put = all the cab file in a separate folder and then tell Vcab to
> compile that = folder (not the individual files). Save as bones.cab
> again.
> Was this a JHB or MP thread originally? If the latter I'll repost to =
> that list..
> HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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