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So, for Wednesday night we have the following:
Edinburgh App - Dave
Glasgow App - John
Prestwick App - Frank
Scottish Centre - Bones
Should pilots wish to arrive in Scotland from elsewhere then I will act as
London FIR too - unless someone wishes to dive in here.
Some further tips for ATC. All three Scottish airports have high ground
nearby so I'd advise caution in dropping aircraft to 3000ft for the ILS. The
circle at the top left of the approach charts gives the Minimum Sector
Altitudes for arrivals from the various quadrants. You should use these as
your minimum level for vectoring. Descent below this level can only continue
when the aircraft is within the Approach Funnel.
For example at Glasgow the MSA is split into just three sectors and an
aircraft coming from the northeast can only be dropped to 4900ft. If you
look at the RVA chart you can see that further descent to 3000ft is
available once the aircraft is inside the Glasgow CTR with further descent
to 2000ft and 1600ft available when inside the approach funnels (this only
necessary for non ILS approaches like radar talkdowns).
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Have already booked Edinburgh for myself.

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