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personally I wouldn't post this on the forum because you can't guarantee
that the positions you are offering will be filled with controllers. Like
the old FPI booking system it would be best to confirm that the positions
are filled before any public announcement.

With FPI Dave always posted the regular UK Wednesday sessions but the FPI
book always showed which seats had been taken. We don't have that luxury in
Pilot Club and I would hate to suggest to pilots that various airfields are
available if they subsequently log in and find no-one there.

I'm not sure I will be available as I think I may have used up my playtime
on Monday.


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Suggestions for tomorrow night.(Wednesday)

Same as Monday

EGPD Aberdeen
EGPF Glasgow
EGCB Manchester
EGKK Gatwick

John H will be on Scottish Center
I will be on London Center

Any other controllers welcome.

Bones, if you could please post on the Forum, or advise me off list
which and where to do it?


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