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From the manual:
Above the Winds Aloft and Active ATC lists is a Text Input field.  On the
left you will see the frequency of the currently selected ATC position.
Anything you type in here will be sent to all pilots and controllers
connected to that frequency.


There are exceptions though.  If you start by typing .msg followed by a
callsign (eg .msg BA2047 I have visuals on you, parking on your right hand
side) then your message will be seen only by the person whose callsign you
have typed (BA2047 in the example).  This is useful for private messaging or
where you have "radio" failure.



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Hi Bones, 

The chat facility works in a similar way to a radio frequency. When a pilot
is handed over to an ATC station, or double clicks on one in the list his
chat box also switches to that frequency. For example if I was on EGSS,
frequency 123.80, and a pilot clicks my callsign then types a chat message
without specifying a recipient the message can be read by all pilots and ATC
using the frequency 123.80. 

The other night when I was approaching EGLL with John on ATC he was talking
to someone via text, I could see all the pilots responses, I could not see
John's as I assume he was prefixing the message with the pilots callsign,
thus it would only be seen by them. 

I think that is in the manual but probably explained in a roundabout manner,
it took some experimenting on FPI to find the above out! 


Bones wrote: 

In that case I wonder how a pilot message gets distributed.
In the ATC software you have to create a chat channel by double clicking the
pilot or controller you want to text. This brings up a sort of chat box and
any text here will go to the person concerned and nobody else. If a pilot
types in a message in the text slot without specifying a recipient does this
then go to every ATC position or just the one currently selected? Do other
pilots see it?
I know if a pilot wishes to talk to another pilot the format is (guessing
.msg JHB123 message text
and that message will only be read by JHB123. It makes me wonder what
happens if ATC send a text without specifying a recipient.
We must try this out - unless someone already has the answers. In the
meantime I'll see if RTFM will give any clues.

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There is. I was using it whilst trying to solve my comms problems. Just 
put the cursor in the slot on the pilot's popup window, type and press 
enter. It must work 'cos I got answers on screen, complete with warning 
(and frightening) beeps.

Gerry Winskill

Thanks Gerry I'll try that too.


Frank T.

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