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The trouble with ATC is that you can sit around for hours with no aircraft
and be bored out of your wits. Even if you get some aircraft they may be so
far apart that you don't have anything to do but steer them onto the ILS.
That's not ATC, it's just vectoring and you could teach a monkey to do it..

ATC is traffic management. It's getting a bunch of aircraft so close
together that you need to take action to stop them hitting one another. Not
only that but you must do this with the minimum disruption to the flight.

Bad ATC is holding aircraft, unnecessary speed control, restricting levels
and extended routing from bad vectors. Bad ATC is delaying a pilot so much
on a flight that he doesn't get a chance to fly his second or third leg.

Good ATC is when you have an inbound against two or three outbounds but
still get him onto final with just two or three radio calls. A good
controller is the one who talks the least because he thinks the most. A good
controller is one who gives instructions to aircraft based on decisions he
made five minutes earlier. A good controller is one who considers making
life easier for the pilot rather than himself.

We used to have a pot in the tower. If a trainee didn't get an aircraft on
the ground within 5 min of his original ETA then he'd put a pound in the
pot. It was highly effective.


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I tend to just go very quiet and creep around, until the dust settles.

I made one or two or maybe three bloopers last night, and hopefully I do
not make them again.

The problem being, that with the amount of traffic we have, the blooper
situations are rare, and it is difficult to recall, at that time, the

Practice make perfect, I need a lot of practice.


Gerry Winskill wrote:
>> I may sulk a bit, but I am willing to learn.
>> Frank
> Does that mean you're willing to learn how to sulk more, Frank? If you
> find how, can you let me know? It'd come in handy in our house.
> Gerry Winskill

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