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This defaulting to Mute is something I've had from time to time too - very
annoying. I confirm that I received all your mike clicks so at least you
know that part is working fine.
I'll pass that on to Grant and let him decide if your problem negates the
point count. Hopefully not.

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The pilots who took part during the evening were:

1000116 Paul Reynolds
1000118 Gerry Winskill
1000122 Tom Smith
1000126 Alastair McIntyre
1000123 Frank Turley
1000180 Ernie Laycock
1000113 Mike Brook

Erm, not sure that I qualify.........
I planned to fly VFR from EGTK to EGBB to test the new set up. I first
logged into EGBB_APP and did a radio check, which failed. I then logged into
EGTT_CTR with Bones and Gerry. On the channel display, when I spoke my T
indicator came up, and I saw both Bones and Gerry's boxes turn yellow.
However, pure silence prevailed. I looked for a means to transmit text, but
that facility doesn't seem to appear any more. At that point I decided to
quit and consult this channel today.
While writing this I've just gone into the sound module setup and spotted
the default settings on both channels are set to mute! I'll try to test the
unmuted setting before next week.
Frank T.

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