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I saw you holding at Talla but I guessed what was going on because you
stayed in the hold well after Gerry had passed you.

Now, as to the letter to Grant. I sent him the following:

The pilots who took part during the evening were:

1000116 Paul Reynolds
1000118 Gerry Winskill
1000122 Tom Smith
1000126 Alastair McIntyre
1000123 Frank Turley
1000180 Ernie Laycock
1000113 Mike Brook

Controllers for the night were:

1000125 John Hill
1000129 Alex Barrett
1000124 Phil Reynolds
1000114 Frank Fisher
1000112 John Woodside

If everyone can check that against their own records and let me know if I've
missed anyone please. All the above will get 20 credits on their Pilot Club

I also mentioned Jeff and the German chap but that neither had an
interactive role in the evening.

Hopefully, if other pilots read the thread, it may produce more traffic next
week. Maybe we should try more of the same but possibly with Gatwick and
Manchester for a little variation.


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Actually Bones, John had both Gerry and I inbound to Glasgow on the same
track, me in my Dash-8 and Gerry in his Fokker F100 running at twice the
speed.  We were getting close to the airport and would be very close on
arrival so I elected to do a hold at Talla and allow Gerry to go direct
ahead of me.  I did this deliberately to practice the hold as well as to
resolve the conflict for John and (later) Frank who jumped on to Glasgow to
see us in.

As for the general context of the message, I'm more than happy to be told
I've cocked up. I occassionally get sloppy and if I were flying a real plane
that could cost lives.  OK it's not that serious here and I can walk away
and laugh about it but  I always feel a prat for cocking up.  I know I'm one
of those people who gets lazy when things become familiar which is why I
never claim to be a good driver.  I know I make mistakes but I always try to
take the time to learn from them.  That's why I like simming, there's a
familiarity about it but always more to learn and no two flight are ever the
same, even if I'm familiar with the route.

So, for me, be as bolshy as you feel necessary, you'll get no complaints
this end.


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