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Most of us in JHB are old enough and, I hope, wise enough to have seen
enough of pumped up crappy management over the years. I could easily have
set the airline up on the same lines as Noble Air but I didn't like being
called the CEO there either. This airline gives you the meat without the

On a similar vein we all know each other very well and I have no problems
with blunt speech. No one here should have sensitive feelings and if I say
someone flew a bloody awful approach into an airfield it isn't personal -
they really did fly a bloody awful approach. If they know that they won't do
it again next time.

When training new controllers we had just three months to knock them into
shape and then it was chop time. They came to us from the College full of
idealistic theory and word perfect in their knowledge of the bookwork but
they were completely green regarding practical work. There was no finesse
about the training and they were all hammered as they had to learn fast.
Those that made it did well but it explains why controllers drink more than
the average person and why all instructors have ulcers.

I've been happy to teach anyone about flying or controlling here too but I
expect everyone to learn the bookwork - theory is your responsibility and I
provide the practical. I don't say I am going to be Mr. Nice about it.

All my long term pilots know this already but I thought it may be worth
bring up again for the newcomers to the list.


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Hi Frank,
Certainly not!
 I was referring to those VAs and VATCs who seem to wish to promote
themselves as  something quite grand and high powered. It's not
exclusive to FSim related hobbies. When a member of the Jaguar Owners'
Club, I was equally repelled by the fact that, unlike most clubs, they
couldn't settle for a simple committee, it had to be a board. That
allowed the chairman to bandy such expressions as "your board has
decided", or "My fellow directors". Even the golf club to which I
belonged now has board members and a Council, complete with executive
committee and strategic planning committee, etc.
 We don't have this in our house. SWMBO is also CEO and that's about it.

Gerry Winskill; peasant (unpaid).

franklyn fisher wrote:

> My last, personal, and probably selfish, request, is please avoid the
> Walter Mitty syndrome.
> Hopefully Gerry, I did not give you that impression last night.
> If there is any fault that you or anyone else find with my rendition
> of controlling, please let me know, critisism is the only way to learn
> and improve.
> Frank F

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