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I agree entirely!

If Pilot Club apes FPI then, logically, its demise will be fairly predictable.

My own view of the emergence of Pilot Club was that it gave JHB the opportunity to continue to progress along the lines we were following before FPI came on the scene, with the important difference that we would have access to the ex FPI servers and software. The continued evolution of the software is a bonus for which I am very grateful. If Pilot Club wishes to form and operate its own VA then it's perfectly entitled to do so. If ATC systems are to emerge from, and be controlled by, the centre then here we go again folks.

As but one user, my primary loyalty is to JHB, of whom I've been a satisfied member for about seven years. If we continue to run our sessions along the usual lines, with more controllers available and on seat, and advertise them on the forum, then others may be attracted to join us. That, again, will be a bonus.

The important thing, as a flying member of the setup, is that the standard of ATC provided in our sessions continues along the path it was following, with controllers becoming increasingly more proficient, with coverage, including centres, getting close to real life and with pilots having to increase, and use, their knowledge of proceedures. Exercising the declining grey cells is one of my objectives; one which helps persuade me that my hobby isn't just a game.

If we set out to run efficient sessions, then other VAs may join in and be welcome but please don't set out with increasing the scope as a primary objective.

My last, personal, and probably selfish, request, is please avoid the Walter Mitty syndrome. I'm sure I'm not the only one in the group to have spent a working life in industry. Retirement brought relief from bullshit! If I have to pick out one thing I dislike about some VAs and virtual ATC organisations, with the exception of JHB, it's the use of phrases like "excited", the application of titles like Vice President, etc and the existance of Marketing functions. Let's keep it the relaxed flying hobby it's meant to be. I really wouldn't be tempted to join a "Virtual PLC" folks,; it took me 41 years to escape from the last one!

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Now that Pilot Club is officially operational they face exactly the same
situation we had with FPI - attracting pilots and controllers. The problem
is worse though because Pilot Club have no intention of running it as an ATC
operation - they are just giving us all a server to play with.

If we want to play at controllers and pilots then it will be up to us to
provide the services and the rules by which these operate. In truth we
cannot enforce these rules as we have no right to - but if we are good
enough we should be able to establish a service which is recognised as good
and one that users will respect and abide by. Quality of service and
reputation is what will be needed over the next few months.

New pilots will be attracted to stay if they get a good ATC service. If they
think ATC is rubbish we'll never see them again. It's not just a matter of
bums on seats - it has to be good bums on good seats. Quality here is more
important than quantity.


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Tom Now that Pilot-Club is officially operational, the need now is to attract pilots and controllers, this can be done be a continuous presence on line. I would be happy to make one night a week for JHB organised sessions, and anyone else who wants to join in, and the rest of the week, anything goes. But the suggestion, is that to open 2/3 or 4 fields just to get things going. We definitely need to have controllers on as much as possible, throughout the week and at the weekend at the moment. Frank

Tom Smith wrote:

Frank I would have thought where we fly each session is a issue for
all Tom
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Perhaps it would be better for Bones to reopen the ATC list, so that
we do not foul this one up, after all, this is an ATC issue, not Pilot.
I do not class myself as a newbie, but obviously now-where in the
class of Bones.

He does have a better view of the whole picture.

But until things start flowing and pilots start to come on line
regular, we will have to be flexible.

But lets not cloud the issue by infighting.

I am happy to run EGLL, just need to print the rest of the charts and
study them.


Alex - Reheat.org wrote:

Actually lads I think we should be organising all this in the
forums, doing it behind closed doors we may appear too cliquey to
newer members and drive them away.

Simply announcing who is going to be where and when could scare
people away, although of course that is exactly the opposite of what
we are trying to achieve.

May I suggest we transfer organisation to the forums?


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