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Now that Pilot-Club is officially operational, the need now is to attract pilots and controllers, this can be done be a continuous presence on line. I would be happy to make one night a week for JHB organised sessions, and anyone else who wants to join in, and the rest of the week, anything goes.
But the suggestion, is that to open 2/3 or 4 fields just to get things going.
We definitely need to have controllers on as much as possible, throughout the week and at the weekend at the moment.

Tom Smith wrote:
Frank I would have thought where we fly each session is a issue for all
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Perhaps it would be better for Bones to reopen the ATC list, so that we do not foul this one up, after all, this is an ATC issue, not Pilot.
I do not class myself as a newbie, but obviously now-where in the class of Bones.

He does have a better view of the whole picture.

But until things start flowing and pilots start to come on line regular, we will have to be flexible.

But lets not cloud the issue by infighting.

I am happy to run EGLL, just need to print the rest of the charts and study them.


Alex - Reheat.org wrote:
Actually lads I think we should be organising all this in the forums, doing it behind closed doors we may appear too cliquey to newer members and drive them away.

Simply announcing who is going to be where and when could scare people away, although of course that is exactly the opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

May I suggest we transfer organisation to the forums?


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