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  • Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 07:15:55 +0100

Ditto John, when I arrived at EGNS?

I had to log off before departing Edinburgh, since I couldn't understand what the Tower chap was saying. He seemed very efficient and I could hear the other aircraft but he was distorted, had a high pitched voice and dropped his voice towards the end of each sentence. I politely told him and said I'd have to log off, since I couldn't get his instructions. No reaction.

I logged back on leaving TRN and was picked up by EGTM_CTR, leaving the Mull of Galloway.

So, good arrival at EGNS; so good that it was quite different from the rain we were getting up here in the North.

Again, the EGTM message was a surprise. Is it possible to get IVAO to arrange for this one to appear, as do the others, on Servinfo? I find it much more user friendly than IVAe.

Having logged off for the first part I couldn't submit a Pirep; pitty.

Gerry Winskill

Fred Stopforth wrote:
Frank,Wherefore wert thou when I called into EGNM?I came IFR in BE350 to entertain you and the weather was foul but I made it good. Fred

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    Last week was not a patch on the previous 2 weeks.
    Hardly worth logging in. Hopefully things will improve. Mind you,
    it is now the holiday season!!
    Will log in Tomorrow night (Tuesday) and Wednesday EGNM as usual.
    Frank F

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        Might be a better night now the **** football has finished.
        Don’t even mention tennis..


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        Hi all,

        I’ll be opening EGBB_I_APP on Wednesday night from around 1930




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