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No JHB aircraft are included in Pilot Club. Timo provided a few in a forum
post (now deleted) and I think the AT75 was amongst these. I then made
several more up but was asked not to distribute them.

So, if you don't have Timo's set then you will only see other aircraft as
the C172 if that pilot has selected one of Timo's designs in his flight
plan. The same goes if you grabbed any of my repaints before the link was

I hope Timo will release the JHB set at some point (including my own
repaints) so everyone can use them. He just has to check that I have added
the correct lines to the aircraft.cfg file that trigger their use in FPI.
One line controls their appearance in the Flight Plan window and a second
line triggers their transmission over the network. Without either they won't


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I was in my usual Dash-8 but had selected the JHB ATR75 in the flightplan
section.  I thought this was in the default set of aircraft.  Obviously not!


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When Paul taxied in behind me, at Glasgow, he showed up as a C172. Better
than the erstwhile "Follw Me " truck but lacking in atmosphere. I'd assumed
that what he'd selected was something I hadn't included in my PilotClub
setup, or is it at Paul's end. Which aircraft / livery combination were you
using Paul?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>It mostly went OK from the ATC end. On your first flight there was no
>aircraft type on your flight plan so I'm guessing you selected an
>aircraft the system doesn't recognise. You also stayed white on my
>scope rather than green - which I think you sorted out. On the second
>flight your aircraft went yellow on the screen for a good while and
>then back to white but I don't know why this happened. I had no trouble
>handing you over to Birmingham or Stansted.

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