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  • Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 01:14:33 +0100

It mostly went OK from the ATC end. On your first flight there was no
aircraft type on your flight plan so I'm guessing you selected an aircraft
the system doesn't recognise. You also stayed white on my scope rather than
green - which I think you sorted out. On the second flight your aircraft
went yellow on the screen for a good while and then back to white but I
don't know why this happened. I had no trouble handing you over to
Birmingham or Stansted.


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Thanks Bones, Phil & Alex for your help & assistance this evening.  I've
managed to sort quite a few problems out (or at least understand why some of
the strange things that have been happening were occurring <g>). I
appreciated you all staying up late and my apologies to Frank for not
getting anywhere near EGLL <G>


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