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One for me too please Mike.


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I have replied to Peter's questions about Linux, below, off-list.  If
anyone else is considering trying Linux and would this 'Idiot's Guide'
please let me know and I will send you a copy.

Mike L

Peter Dodds wrote:
> I could do with a complete idiots guide to installing Linux.  Where do
> I get it for starters? Is it
> easy to install?  How long will it take me to be up and running so that I
can earn money in it's
> environment?  Can I still port documents across to Windows for my clients
who won't move I'm sure
> (the Microsoft Monoliths of the water Supply Industry). Will it network
with windows machines on the
> same LAN? Where can i get lots of valuable tools, such as automatic
backups, clip savers, Paintshop
> Pro? What email clients are available and do they do proper message
threading? How does FS run - in
> a windows emulator? And the Vatsim connection software? and....  My list
is endless, but a starting
> point would be good.
> I have a new virtually empty machine here, and it would be a golden
> opportunity over the Christmas
> holidays to set it up in parallel with Windows for a couple of months to
see how I got on.
> I hate being told what to do by anybody, ATC excepted <g>, so I'm
> getting very disturbed at these
> MS trends. I'm not fussed on IE7 either.
> Peter

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