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Apart from Phil here I've not kept in touch with any of the Magrathea/VFR
Scenery designers. Many left after VFR England and Wales was released but
about five stayed on to tackle Scotland and Ireland. This never got finished
- it was still incomplete when FS2002 was released. I gave my completed work
for the Scottish islands to Magrathea in the end.


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Peter -

You are quite correct!  Maggie was wound up many years ago when Adrian
pulled the plug and virtually all the originals on the 1st UKScenery List
have gorn orft to do other things.  Paul Michaels, 'The Twins' (Gary &
Adrian West), Tony Billings, Adrian Matthews, Nick Challoner, John
Burtenshaw (still active on UKScenery Mk2) etc etc, although I'm not sure
how many are on that photo.  There are many faces that ring bells there!

The ubiquitous Kit Spackman (try Googling his name...) was at Duxford last
Sunday.  Here's a pic (taken by Phil Webb) of the man himself.


Kit has always been famous for his hst...


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> I have a picture of a Magrathea meeting In Coventry in 1998 - is that
> the same groupas is now UK Scenery?
> I have a vague recollection of someone called Kit being there.
> Is there anyone anyone recognises in this picture?
> Peter

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